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Baro Postural Instruments Srl Innovative Start Up was founded in 2011 with the purpose of devoting itself to clinical research and to the development of new diagnostic, prevention devices providing  innovative therapeutic solutions for patient well-being.

BPI’s mission is to investigate the causes of postural disorders related to an apparent shortening of a lower limb “Leg Length Discrepancy” in order to intervene in time and prevent that phenomena initially assessed minor, as small changes in posture or biomechanical alterations, may turn over time into source of distress to patients.

All these disorders due to paramorphisms of the feet, if clinically neglected, may modify the physiological function of knee and hip joints, cause biomechanical musculoskeletal adjustments and create imbalances and impairments such as hemipelvis tilt, foot and lower leg problems, hip and knee pain and high and low back suffering.

Our research programmes have led to the development of NPoS (New Postural Solution), an innovative system able to provide musculo-skeletal corrective solutions in order to achieve the postural optimization.


Feet are the foundation of physical wellbeing

Attentions given by the clinic to the needs of maintaining a good posture are increasing. Scientific studies have estimated that between 75 and 85% of the world population of different age and sex are carriers of apparent shortening of a lower limb. Our research group has implemented a new non-invasive diagnostic device (NPoS) to analyze non-weight-bearing feet, identify the corrective needs, measure the foot equinus and define the related shoes heel height in order to grant an optimum posture.

The aim of our innovative medical diagnostic devices is to provide our patients with the optimal posture thus correcting the functional leg length discrepancy, the femoral internal rotation on the transversal plane and the anteverted hemipelvis.

The new achieved posture will ensure general and permanent psychophysical benefits, improving people lifestyle quality and reducing personal, occupational and healthcare burden.



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Baro Postural Instruments


Optimizing Posture

Our innovative diagnostic device, which analyses the non-weight-bearing foot, allows to measure and compensate pelvic asymmetry and find the relative skeletal corrections necessary to solve the problem of functional leg length discrepancy that causes painful musculoskeletal diseases. READ MORE


EBS Easy Body Scanner

La Baro Postural Instruments srl è lieta di presentare in anteprima la demo dell’innovativo sistema di scansione 3D EBS Easy Body Scanner


Applications and activities



We design innovative technological systems to improve the quality of life and develop high-tech diagnostic devices to assist professionals in clinical assessments. From the outset our research group is involved in bettering patients’ health care. By reinforcing our Research READ MORE

Wellness and Posture


BPI is promoting a postural prevention campaign dedicated to the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of physical, mental and social wellbeing. Postural imbalances are more and more responsible for musculoskeletal disorders  also in children and adolescents. READ MORE




BPI has signed a Convention with the Post Graduate School in Physical  Medicine and Rehabilitation of Tor Vergata Hospital Foundation  in Rome.

We are delighted to present our new site revamped and improved both in its form and contents, with a new graphic design.  Smart and user-friendly on mobile and tablet!

The repeatability tests of NPoS device have been positively conducted by the medical and ingeneering teams of Professor Foti (Department of Physical  Medicine and Rehabilitation of Tor Vergata Hospital Foundation  in Rome) and of Professor Rosato (Department of Experimental Medicine and Chemical Sciences and of Medical Ingeneering Service of Tor Vergata University in Rome).

Baro Postural Instruments will attend SIMFER  National  Congress (Bari, October 23-26,2016) with a breakthrough technology.

Baro Postural Instruments is pleased to communicate that its Laboratory of Applied Biomechanics has become part of SIAMOC accredited laboratories; SIAMOC (Italian Society of Clinical Movement Analysis) promotes the study and the clinical application of motion analysis in the evaluation, treatment and recovery  of motor disorders.


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